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+ Meet James E. Sturgis

Since receiving my license (OK HSP #774) in Oklahoma in 1996, I have enjoyed teamwork and collaboration with the persons I serve and their healthcare providers. Whether we are trying to understand cognitive, learning, and memory problems or searching for creative alternatives to disappointing and disruptive life patterns, I seek to build an alliance with the people with whom I work that fosters curiosity and growth. I also work collaboratively with other mental health providers to address clinical dilemma’s through evaluation and consultation.

Dr. Sturgis offers a wide range of diagnostic testing – such as ADHD testing and memory testing. You’ll also get real-life solutions and tools to work through life’s problems and hardships.

James E. Sturgis PhD
OK HSP #774
Clinical Psychology
Rehabilitation Psychology
Psychoanalytic Psychology

3240 W. Britton Road, Suite 201
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

+ Practice Areas


Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a helpful way for clients to talk through their illnesses and emotional challenges



Dr. Sturgis will devise a treatment plan to help his clients cope with their fears, disorders, or challenges.


Psychological Evaluation

The best place to start is with an accurate and clear evaluation of your mind.


Neuropsychological Testing Services

Our tests allow Dr. Sturgis to examine brain function and cognitive abilities.


ADHD Testing

Do you suspect that you or your child suffer from ADHD or ADD? Wonder no more. Find out today.


Learning Disability Assesment

Many people who deal with learning disabilities go undiagnosed. Get a reliable assessment with us.


Memory Assessment

Get your memory tested. Dr. James E. Sturgis uses the best practices to ensure accurate readings.

Insurance Matters

We are proud to work with many different insurance companies. We’re passionate about getting you the help you need. For all insurance questions, give us a call today at

Insurance we accept:
-Blue Cross Blue Shield
-Health Choice
– Medicare
-Coventry Health